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It’s been a while

Monday, May 20th, 2013

It has been quite some time since I’ve written anything.

Life comes at you hard and fast sometimes and you have to deal with it.

I am now in  a quandary  about my youngest son . He  needs surgery to repair his arm .

He fell down the steps a year or so ago and broke his elbow. They put  a device in it so he could remain mobile.

He didn’t follow through with his   PT  due to his mental instability and the boned fused and he  has no  mobility  at all.

Two doctors has refused to  operate stating that  the surgery is  risky and they feel he will not follow through.

They refuse to take into consideration he is a  patient at a state hospital and the medical staff is willing to do every thing to make

sure he follows  through with   his   physical therapy. A  Bone and Joint Doctor  in Hershey said he would do the procedure .

However it seems he is changing is mind  and is on board with every one else about the  possibility he  might not follow through.

I believe with the right support , he can do what needs to be done to gain  mobility in his arm. The operation I’ve been told is complicated and risky.

But to  not  have a useless  arm dangling at your side is  I Think is worth the risk.

I know I must pray about this because my son is  between a rock and a hard place and so am I . The decision to fight for this  to take place

lies   with me . I pray for  guidance in making the right  decision